It is with very great sadness that we have heard of the death of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

It was in Devon as a young naval officer, training at Britannia Royal Naval College, that Prince Philip met and later married Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Not surprisingly therefore the County has been important to them both throughout their lives and they have visited us here many times.

We give thanks for a wonderful life. May he rest in peace.

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Points to Note When Making a Nomination

  • Gather full details which must be accurate and factual .
  • You can talk to anyone about the nomination but not the person you are nominating – make sure that your conversations are in confidence!
  • Tell a compelling story about your candidate.
  • Articulate what sets the candidate apart from others doing similar things.
  • Do not exaggerate the facts, present genuine evidence and market it well!
  • Timing: efforts / activities must have been over a prolonged period including the last five years.
  • Currency: your candidate must have been doing what they have been nominated for up to six months before the Honours list date.
  • Select two or three of the most recent (in last five years) and strongest achievements and impacts; too many will look like a CV.
  • Emphasise volunteer work and individual initiatives.
  • Make reference to the geographical reach of the candidate’s work; this helps to determine the level of any award.