Royal Garden Parties

at Buckingham Palace


Garden Parties are held each year in the beautiful gardens at Buckingham Palace and are an important way for a broad range of people from all walks of life, all of whom have made a positive impact in their community to spend a relaxed afternoon with the Royal Family.

It is a real treat to dress up and to have afternoon tea in such a wonderful setting, with the bands playing and members of the Royal Family wondering amongst the guests, meeting people.


Who gets invited

to Royal Garden Parties?


Three Royal Garden Parties are held at Buckingham Palace every year and about 8000 people attend each party. The Lieutenancy can nominate around 50 people and their guest from the County to attend each year.

If you feel that someone in Devon has made a major contribution to life in the community, or has provided exceptional service in any other way, you could recommend that they are invited to this special event.

To nominate someone for a garden party invitation, please complete the nomination form and return to the Lord Lieutenants Office.

Although you can nominate someone at any time throughout the year, the names are gathered at the beginning of December when consideration is given as to which 50 should go forward to the Palace.  If your nomination is unsuccessful in the first year, we will keep that nomination for a further year unless you tell us otherwise.

If you have been invited to a Royal Garden Party and would like some guidance on what to expect and what to wear, take a look at the Royal Website where you can find out more. or give us a ring at the Lieutenancy Office on 01392 383042.