Lieutenancy Etiquette and Protocol


This information is provided to assist those who are planning an event to which the Lord-Lieutenant has been (or is to be) invited.


The Lord-Lieutenant of Devon is His Majesty The King’s representative and therefore he should be received at any event with the same degree of etiquette and protocol as would be extended to a member of the Royal Family.


If for any reason the Lord-Lieutenant is unable to attend an event to which he has been invited and he is represented by his Vice Lord-Lieutenant or a Deputy Lieutenant, the same etiquette and protocol should be followed.


The Lord-Lieutenant or his Deputy should be met on arrival by the host, or escorted to the host, without delay, and not be left unhosted for any part of the event. Appropriate car parking should be reserved.

Approach to His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Devon


The Lord-Lieutenant may be contacted through the Lieutenancy Office, address as on event form below, or by writing to:


David Fursdon
His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Devon
Lieutenancy Office
County Hall
Topsham Road
Exeter EX2 4QD
Email [email protected]

What is the correct form of address for the Lord-Lieutenant?


Written: David Fursdon, His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Devon

Salutation: “Dear Lord-Lieutenant”

In a speech: In the preamble the Lord-Lieutenant is referred to as “My Lord-Lieutenant”

Conversation: Mr Fursdon should be initially addressed as “ Mr Fursdon” or “Lord-Lieutenant”, and thereafter “Sir”.


Should the Lord-Lieutenant be represented by his Vice Lord-Lieutenant, or a Deputy Lieutenant the above etiquette should be adapted accordingly i.e. “Dear Vice Lord-Lieutenant”, “Dear Deputy Lieutenant”.

Precedence at Formal Events


In all cases, the service organiser should inform the Lieutenancy Office of chosen dress for each occasion and the name of the person who will greet the Lord-Lieutenant or his representative upon arrival and the arranged time. Appropriate car parking should also be reserved.



The Lord-Lieutenant, or his representative, always enters the church/abbey last, 2 minutes before the start of the service (immediately before the clergy, coffin and family) and always leaves straight after the family. He is usually seated in the front row on the opposite side to the family.


Memorial services

As for funerals i.e. enters church/abbey last and leaves straight after the family.


Other church services

For all other church services the Lord-Lieutenant enters last, (before clergy), leaves first, (after clergy) and sits in the front row.


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