The principle duties

of the Lord-Lieutenant are as follows:

  • arranging visits of Members of the Royal Family and escorting Royal visitors as appropriate;
  • participation in civic and social activity within the County; this includes encouragement of a wide range of voluntary activity;
  • liaison with local units of the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force, including reserve forces and cadets;
  • presentation of medals and awards on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen
  • leadership of the local magistracy via the Advisory Committee on Justices of the Peace, in liaison with the Ministry of Justice

In addition to the above the Lord-Lieutenant is asked to comment on the validity of nominations for honours and submits lists of names of those he recommends for invitations to Her Majesty’s Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace.

The Lord-Lieutenant is also expected to promote a good atmosphere and spirit of co-operation by the encouragement he gives to voluntary service and benevolent organisations, and by the interest he takes in the business and social life of his county. He is also encouraged to take an interest in local projects funded from the National Lottery and should consider lending support to those which he feels to be of particular importance.