On 5th July 2023, Deputy Lieutenant Brian Wills-Pope MBE attended the Plymouth Social Isolation Forum ‘Opening Doors 2 – Showcasing Solutions to Isolation and Loneliness’ exhibition. This event was established to bring Plymouth together to share what is on offer to help people with loneliness and isolation. The event offered over 40 exhibition stands with organisations providing a range of information and opportunities for individuals to find ways of making friends and becoming stimulated.




At the event, Brian spoke about loneliness, saying, “Isolation and loneliness affects every community in Devon, and it’s great to come in and see what Plymouth are doing that hopefully we can spread that to other parts of Devon. Loneliness is all around us. It’s not an age related thing either, you know, you can be a youngster, you can be a student here at the University and be quite lonely, or you can be an old age pensioner, lost your husband, lost your wife, and you’re very, very lonely, and you don’t know where to turn for help. And obviously, an event like this tells everybody what is available and it’s getting that message out that will be the hardest part, I think.”