Jill Diprose BEM is 76 years old and from Dawlish, Devon
She is the Founder of Activities Interests Music Support . For services to Families of Children with Special Needs in Dawlish, Devon.  Having identified a lack of support for families of children with special needs, she exceeded her role as community paediatrician and established a charity that has grown for nearly 30 years.  She created a space for the whole family to meet in a safe and informal environment every weekend and this led to her setting up the charity Activities Interests Music Support (AIMS)
over 30 years ago. The charity is parent-led, asking parents what their needs are. She continues to make time every weekend to attend the group and support the families, an endeavour which began with the introducing of two families to each other, is now an established charity supporting 20-30 local families.  She continues to work tirelessly alongside a small group of volunteers to raise
the necessary funds to keep the charity running.

Janet Webber BEM is 68 years old from Sidmouth, Devon. She is the Director of Development, Mission to Seafarers and was awarded the BEM for services to Women in the International Maritime Sector.  She started at the Mission to Seafarers charity in 2017 and has shown real leadership across the sector to ensure that foreign sailors stranded in UK waters or at UK ports during the pandemic have had access to toiletries and food and to Wifi to enable calls to families back home.  She has worked closely with the Department for Transport to ensure that seafarer needs have been met, which is so vital for the mental health of
seafarers unable to return home with closed borders. Working in the voluntary sector since 1994, she has covered the functions of fundraising, marketing and communications at local, regional, national and international levels. In her 27 years in the sector, she has worked with charities representing children and adults in health, social welfare and education.  For 11 years she worked with the Sailors Society where she was Director of Fundraising.  She was also instrumental in helping to create the Wellness at Sea programme. The programme was developed to address the issue of poor mental health and the associated risks that can arise as a result of a life at sea.  Her work and that of others was ahead of the curve and this work has seen the mental wellbeing of seafarers now becoming an important agenda item for the international maritime organisations and for national governments.

Max Woosey BEM is 12 years old and from Braunton, Devon. Max was awarded the BEM for services to Fundraising for the North Devon Hospice during Covid-19.   At the age of 10, Max decided to camp out for lockdown to raise money for the
North Devon Hospice which had cared for his 74 year old neighbour Rick Abbott who died of Cancer in March 2020. Before he died Rick Abott gifted this tent to Max telling him to make sure he had an adventure in it and he did.  His initial fundraising goal was £100 and he initially planned to camp out until he reached that. However, having discovered a taste for it and then quickly
exceeding the first fundraising goal he decided to go for a year. To date he has raised over £570,000 for the North Devon Hospice, the money raised paying for 16 community nurses who support the community of North Devon
with some of the most rurally remote areas in England.  He then organised a worldwide campout for children to celebrate overcoming a year of Covid.  This saw nearly 2,000 children around the world marking his efforts by joining him in camping out. He used the one-year anniversary to raise awareness that many children across the globe have found lockdown and Covid tough to cope with.